Join the thousands of people each year who have discovered the sheer pleasure of travelling the USA in an RV Motor Home.

motorhomes-coastThis way of exploring the USA has been enjoyed by Americans and Europeans for many years and we now offer Australians a cost effective way to discover the real America.
All our tours are led by an Australian tour manager who’s there to make things as easy as possible for you, whether you’re travelling solo or with the whole family. He’ll outline the route each day, or if you feel confident you can make your own plans and then catch up with the rest of our group at a pre-booked site each evening. Once you’ve discovered the freedom in holidaying this way you’ll be rushing back year after year with the confidence of a professional!

motorhomes-crossectionIf you’ve considered this type of holiday before but not been too sure about how to go about it then our tours are a perfect fit for you.

Our itineraries have been carefully put together to ensure the best use of your time. What you learn and take away from your first experience will equip you for going it alone on subsequent trips when we can provide you with a detailed route map and sightseeing suggestions; you can free-wheel and stay as long as you like at each location.

We can provide information for the best RV Parks, so all you need to do is phone your chosen park a day ahead or simply go with the flow to out of the way locations.
Our tours are great fun and an easy and affordable way of seeing America. We carefully select scenic back-roads which you may not discover if you travel on your own and we avoid busy interstate freeways so that we don’t miss those sleepy little towns.
Have some fun – come and join us!

The below link is to the 2012 brochure – New Itenerary/Prices are available shortly.

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